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VyprVPN Review

December 30, 2021 odmin 0 Comments

Among the best VPN services available is VyprVPN. Despite being relatively unassuming in the advertising department, VyprVPN makes your life easier by unblocking Netflix and other streaming services, providing fast speeds, and letting you access torrent sites safely.

This Swiss company has achieved great success despite being a small company. How does it accomplish that?

There are apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, QNAP, Anonabox, Smart TVs, Blackphones, and Tomato-based routers.

DD-WRT, AsusWRT, and OpenWRT, Chromebooks, Linux, BlackBerry, Synology NAS, Apple TV, Android TV, and DD-WRT, are also included in the website’s tutorials.

No matter your hardware, you can connect as many devices as you like to VyprVPN at once. In addition, some companies go further and do not limit the number of simultaneous connections; however, let’s face it, 30 connections are more than enough for most users.

You don’t have to take the company’s claims of no logging on faith like most competition, though the company has made these claims. 

VyprVPN pricing

A free month is offered when you drop monthly billing with VyprVPN. Despite being less expensive than some VPNs’ annual plans, this one costs $6.47 a month ($12.95 every two months).

In addition to its uniqueness, VyprVPN does not require a subscription. Upon purchase of an 18-month package, you will receive six months of free service. Membership costs $2.50 per month.

Three-year plans are only $1.81 a month with a three-year contract. The five-year Privacy plan is the only one that offers two terabytes of free encrypting cloud storage, which is even cheaper than some of the cheaper alternatives.

PayPal and credit cards are the only options for payment. During the 30-day return period, you can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied. You should have sufficient time within 30 days to detect any issues you encounter with Hotspot Shield and CyberGhost, even if they give you more time.

VyprVPN servers and locations

When we consider that VyprVPN only has 700 servers, it might not seem that impressive. As a result, the choice of 50 different servers in 54 different countries is quite impressive.

Larger server fleets can reduce the burden on each server by spreading out users over more locations, but implementation is also critical. Each of VyprVPN’s VPN servers is owned by them, and they control their DNS. This allows them to maintain their infrastructure more efficiently. So that’s the difference.

There aren’t as many countries covered. Thirty servers are in Europe. With 17 countries, the Oceanic and Asian regions are followed by the Americas.

Africans and Muslims have the least coverage. There are strategic server locations, even in such cases, so there are options. On VyprVPN’s official website, you can find the complete list of servers.

VyprVPN’s various server options, including sorted by country, region, and speed, are among my favorites. Selecting a server location is simpler this way.


Before you can decide whether you can count on a VPN’s logs, you will need to read its privacy policies, terms of service, support documents, and more before making any decisions about its effectiveness. 

However, VyprVPN immediately responds to this concern with its privacy policy which specifies that IP addresses, start and end times of connections, user traffic, and DNS requests are not recorded. 

Using VyprVPN, we unblocked BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. With three different connections, we could unblock BBC iPlayer using VyprVPN.


There are instructions for setting up VPNs, troubleshooting advice, and advice specific to the type of device users have on the company’s website’s knowledge base. If the website cannot assist, you can use live chat to respond quickly.

 A support agent answered our test question within a few minutes, and he provided us with informative and helpful responses. We received a clear answer to our simple product question in less than an hour. You should have no problem getting help if you have problems with the website and live chat.

Speed and performance

It would help if you used the WireGuard tunneling protocol with VyprVPN to achieve the best speed when possible. It provides excellent performance in speed tests, so you should play video games with no problem.

Australia exhibited the biggest speed drop of 64%, compared with the baseline. Nevertheless, the UK’s drop from the baseline was only *1% after connecting to Europe, demonstrating this protocol’s capabilities.

Even with a connection to the US, there was an 11% decline. As a result, turning off VPN makes little sense if you are connected with WireGuard. Choosing a closer location will lead to a negligible speed drop.

Public Wi-Fi Protection

Connections to unknown networks can be risky if you do it frequently. Never assume that everyone else on the board or the manager is the same as you. VPN service provider VyprVPN offers a simple yet effective solution for it.

If you only need a VPN elsewhere and trust your network at home, you can use the Public Wi-Fi protection feature. If you’re connected to an untrustworthy network or an unknown network, the program will automatically connect to the VPN. Set up the VPN, so it only runs when you’re at the coffee shop if you regularly go there.

I like this since it saves me from opening up a VPN and clicking every time I am uncertain of the network’s safety.


Golden Frog’s VPN and DNS servers are not hosted by 3rd parties. Its software is written by its team, and its network and DNS are managed by its team. With these capabilities, VyprVPN can deliver the fastest and most reliable VPN service on the market. Your data is handled entirely by Golden Frog, so it is secure and protected.


· Strengthening security features

· It is beneficial for streaming platforms.

· No logging is required.

· It is suitable for torrenting.

· It uses a proprietary DNS server.

· Customer support is available 24/7.

· Refunds are available within 30 days.


· Linux support is limited.

· WireGuard support is mixed.

· App support for iOS is limited.

· Pricey.

Final verdict  

Unlike ExpressVPN, VyprVPN isn’t the fastest or most powerful VPN (for instance, VyprVPN doesn’t match that company’s speeds or power). However, it has a lot going for it – from the open-source software to the cutting-edge firewall-bypassing Chameleon protocol to the seriously low price. Also, a no-logging security audit makes sense, but it was done in 2018, so it makes sense to redo it.

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