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Tunnel Bear VPN Review

December 30, 2021 odmin 0 Comments

Tunnel Bear VPN is one of the most popular VPNs available online. It can help you to unblock multiple streaming services. Even more, it also offers amazing features along with a no-log policy to keep you secure online.

Most importantly, Tunnel Bear VPN also comes up with a free version that is good for users who don’t want to commit.

However, if you want to know about different aspects of tunnel Bear VPN such as:

  • Subscription pricing
  • Encryption method
  • Internet protocols
  • Number of servers
  • Performance and speed
  • Pros
  • Cons and more.

Then simply have a look at the detailed review of Tunnel Bear VPN below to know more about it.

Is Tunnel Bear VPN secure?

Tunnel Bear VPN is overall a safe VPN service that comes up with standard encryption methods to ensure your online security in the best possible way. However, to understand how secure Tunnel Bear VPN is, let’s have a look at its key security features below.

So, here we go:

Logging policy

Tunnel Bear VPN doesn’t log or monitor your online activities. Simply it means that this VPN service doesn’t collect information about what you are doing online while using Tunnel Bear VPN.

However, you must keep in mind the fact that this service does collect some personal information about their users through the website while, some non-personal information via its mobile application. It is because they claim in their privacy policy that Tunnel Bear VPN knows your:

  1. OS version
  2. Twitter ID (if you have chosen this from their special offer)
  3. Email address
  4. Total data you have used this month
  5. Last name of cardholder

Even more, it can also access the data that has been stored by your third-party payment service providers. This may include the card billing address of the cardholder.

Overall, Tunnel Bear VPN is a decent option as a privacy-friendly VPN service that you can consider. However, if you want to ensure true anonymity, you can simply consider paying for Tunnel Bear VPN through cryptocurrency.

Tunnel Bear Encryption method

While using tunnel bear VPN all of your device data travels through this shiny VPN tunnel. Therefore, most of the users wonder how secure Tunnel Bear VPN is for them. For this, it is always important to understand the encryption method being used by your VPN. It is because if you can’t trust the encryption method, then it would be better to use your regular ISP.

Well, in the case of Tunnel Bear VPN,

  • The VPN is using AES-256 encryption standard for your data encryption.
  • While, it is using the SHA256 encryption standard for data authentication.
  • However, for handshake encryption, the VPN service is using 2048-bit, 3072-bit, or 4096-bit HD Group.

Overall, encryption methods used by Tunnel Bear VPN are high-standard. Therefore, using this VPN service would not impact the performance and speed of your connection negatively. The data encryption method here is a military-grade encryption standard. So overall, you can stay rest assured of your online privacy protection while using Tunnel Bear VPN.

Tunnel Bear protocols

Internet protocols used by any VPN help you determine how your data packets will be transferred across the network. Even more, a certain level of your online security also depends upon the type of internet protocols your chosen VPN is using.

However, Tunnel Bear VPN is using:

  • OpenVPN / IKEv2 internet protocols for your Windows devices.
  • While, OpenVPN on your android and macOS devices.
  • And IPsec / IKEv2 internet protocols for your iOS devices.

Most importantly, all of these internet protocols used by Tunnel Bear VPN are here to offer you enhanced security by the infosec community.

Number of Servers

So, when it comes to the number of servers Tunnel Bear VPN has then you must know that Tunnel Bear has a total of 2600 servers. All of these servers are located in 23 different countries strategically all around the world.

Even more, Tunnel Bear VPN also offers a kill switch and split tunneling features as well for enhanced online security more effectively.

Speed of Tunnel Bear VPN

Generally, whichever VPN you are choosing, you need to accept the fact that it is going to slow down your internet speed marginally, at least. It means that the extra security that you will get from a VPN service also comes up with a price in terms of lower speed.

However, when it comes to the speed and performance of Tunnel Bear VPN, you must know that the VPN performs great but for local servers. While it can be fast or slow when you will connect to the server far from you.


Here are some of the most amazing benefits of tunnel bear VPN service that you must know:

  1. Tunnel Bear VPN is beginner-friendly because it comes up with a free version and is easier to set up.
  2. This VPN service also offers detailed security audits annually.
  3. Overall, it offers decent performance and speed to the users.
  4. You can use Tunnel Bear VPN to unblock streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.
  5. Even more, Tunnel Bear VPN comes up with a friendly and approachable design.
  6. Also, it has excellent privacy policies.


Just like any other thing in the world, Tunnel Bear VPN also comes up with some drawbacks. Let’s get to know about these below:

  1. As compared to other top VPN providers, Tunnel Bear VPN has fewer server locations.
  2. It doesn’t come up with WireGuard support.
  3. Tunnel Bear VPN has a few advanced features only.

Pricing of Tunnel Bear VPN

Tunnel Bear VPN offers a free version that can be suitable to check out the UI and functioning of the VPN. However, the premium pricing plan of Tunnel Bear VPN also comes up with a reasonable price range. You can get unlimited data traffic for just $9.99 per month.

Even more, the price also drops if you opt for annual, two-year, three-year, and five-year plans. You can simply choose the one you find more suitable for you.


Overall, Tunnel Bear VPN is a decent VPN option that you can consider. It comes up with reasonable pricing plans and offers high-standard encryption and internet protocols to ensure online privacy effectively.

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