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TorGuard VPN Review

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When we go online, we expose a lot to the prying eyes and light hands of internet hooligans? Truth is, most Internet users cannot fathom how vulnerable their personal information is online. Most of us leave more traces than we can imagine. However, the results are sometimes measurable by relying on location, recently visited websites, or the operating system used. Content can be hidden, altered, or censored, costs of online offers are changed or advertisement is tailored to suit your desire. Again, when we use a wireless internet connection, our data traffic is also more easily readable.

However, a Reliable VPN, though scarce, is your best solution for surfing anonymously, sending encrypted data over the Internet, or circumventing geo-blocking.

Today, we are looking at the pros and cons of the TorGuard VPN, and every other important detail.

What is TorGuard VPN?

TorGuard VPN is a self-contained network that is used for encrypted communication over the Internet. With the TorGuard VPN connection, your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet becomes a TorGuard client that connects to a dedicated server of the provider using the TorGuard VPN application. In this way, the IP provided by the TorGuard server replaces the default IP address, which is hitherto used to identify each end device or user. As a result, you surf unrecognized and safely over the net.

How does TorGuard VPN Work?

TorGuard VPN service operates its servers in about eight (8) countries. The VPN provider bypasses country blocks or geo-blocking, giving its users an innovative VPN service.

TorGuard VPN is available on Android, iOS, PCs, and tablets.

TorGuard Encryption Process

The TorGuard VPN gives users a safe browsing experience and keeps their identity concealed from unwarranted access. As soon as the user switches on the VPN service, it connects to one of many servers and conceals every personal data from being trailed. TorGuard uses most of the good encryption protocols in this area and they do their job well.

The service also shows its strengths in torrenting. Except in the UK, New Zealand, and the Americas, TorGuard VPN supports P2P file sharing and offers unlimited bandwidth for downloading the data. TorGuard torrents are almost as fast as normal downloading, while the user remains anonymous.

TorGuard VPN assigns unique BitTorrent proxies. With other torrent clients, users can set special proxies. Then the data is distributed over forty (40) diverse channels, making it remarkably difficult to trace or track down a user. With TorGuard VPN, as with most VPNs, it can bypass the country blocks of various websites. What does not work so well are streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. TorGuard VPN may not be the best option if you are viewing a series reserved only for the US audience.

On the other hand, TorGuard makes streaming and gaming on the Internet seamless.

TorGuard offers a proxy server and an anonymous email service. The provider has about two hundred (200) proxy servers in eight (8) different countries. Aside from that, users get a reliable IP by installing an alternative add-on. This is beneficial for streaming. With a dedicated IP, users always get the same IP address instead of being randomly assigned one.

The program comes with a kill switch. With a kill switch, the entire Internet connection can be cut off without further ado if the VPN connection is interrupted. This prevents personal data from becoming public. The TorGuard VPN Client is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

TorGuard also runs applications for both Android and iOS. In general, this covers the most important platforms. There is no client for other devices, such as route servers. TorGuard has plugins that are compatible with the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

TorGuard VPN Pricing Packages 

You may ask, “is TorGuard VPN free?” The answer is, “No”. 

There are three categories of TorGuard VPN subscriptions:

Anonymous VPN

The anonymous VPN pricing category is the basic. You will get a monthly billing of $9.99, quarterly billing of $19.99, semi-annually goes for $29.99, annual billing is $59.99, biennial billing at $99.99, while Triennial billing is $139.99.

Anonymous VPN Pro

The anonymous VPN pro pricing gives monthly billing out at $12.99, quarterly billing is $34.99, semi-annually goes for $69.99, annual billing is $119.00, biennial billing at $185.00, while Triennial billing is $249.99.

Anonymous VPN pro 3 years

The anonymous VPN pro 3 years pricing has only the Triennial billing, which goes for $89.99USD.

TorGuard pricing gets better by how long you purchase the service. The most expensive is the one-month duration. A one-year subscription is quite cheaper, while the triennial is the cheapest. Check each of the features here.

Pros and Cons of TorGuard VPN

The Prod of TorGuard VPN

  • Very good speed: Users attest that the TorGuard VPN surfing speed to be sufficient by most users;
  • File Download and Upload: When downloading or uploading data;
  • TorGuard VPN is super: This is quickly noticeable as soon as data is sucked through the torrent service;
  • TorGuard accepts bitcoin, and gift cards as a means of payment. This further ensures that users operate and stay anonymous;
  • Does not save any user data;
  • An array of servers in different countries. The user has over 3000 servers in over 50 countries;
  • Customer Support is always available 24/7;
  • Ample and easy configuration options for experienced users.

The Cons of TorGuard VPN

  • Speed ​​may become slower in public places;
  • TorGuard software may give new users a bit of a tough time.

Our Verdict

TorGuard offers ample goodies; effective customer service, impressive speed, good prices, an array of servers, no saved login data, and, above all, fast torrenting.

A greater percentage of users enjoy TorGuard VPN. With TorGuard VPN, you can surf the Internet anonymously and safely. TorGuard VPN service has shown impressive for renting performance too.

The most essential protocols for encryption are accessible, and proficient users have it easy to enjoy their many additional functions.

TorGuard has effective, skilled, and friendly customer support. We advise newbies to take a while and master using their many features.Get TorGuard VPN now.

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