SurfShark VPN Review - The Best VPN App

SurfShark VPN Review

December 30, 2021 odmin 0 Comments

Meta Description: Can’t seem to access certain sites? Worry not! Surfshark is an amazing platform used as a VPN to help you access anything on the internet from anywhere.


There are times when you’re in a rush or need to access certain information on the internet, but your residency’s legal restrictions do not allow you to get access to it. It seems unfair that in this time of internet and technological advancements, we are still restricted to using certain stuff even though there is so much information to every problem on the internet.

VPN came into being for this sole purpose, and they have been a hit right from the start. Different VPNs are either free of cost or require a little bit of their required cost to be used. There are many differences in both forms as to what it offers. This article provides you with an amazing VPN that provides the best features at minimal value.


VPNs increase your anonymity by sending all of your web traffic through an encoded connection to a remote server, but that security comes at a cost—in the case of Surfshark, that cost is in bucks and cents. Our most recent Editors’ Choice award for VPNs is Surfshark, but it’s also one of its market’s priciest ones. 

In a crowded field, Surfshark has offered a lot to justify its price tag, even providing distinctive seen features, fielding critically designed apps, and emphasizing customer privacy. Even among Editors’ Choice winners, Surfshark stands out since it allows you to link to an indefinite number of devices at once. That makes it an optimum VPN for an excellent value to be used by large families or households under many devices.

Please keep reading to learn more about this platform and its pros and cons to serve you the best experience among others!


It provides encryption by using the famous AES-256 encryption method to offer its customers a private connection to rest assured, knowing that no one can read or get access to that data because it is encrypted by the VPN being used! 


More than five hundred servers show how broad its connections are. This also makes it an optimum platform for disguising your location as it offers multiple destinations for the user to choose from. It offers server locations of up to sixty-five countries that are geographically diverse. This is a lot compared to its competitors.


It supports protocols on all the famous mediums, among which the protocols are used. Some of them are WireGuard, OpenVPN, Ikev2, etc. These are all protocols supported on Android, iOS, and macOS, among others. 

Pricing plan

It costs 12.95 dollars per month which might seem like a big amount, but when you get to know the range of features it offers, it all makes sense. It also provides the users with a discount for all those who still think the price is a bit too expensive so that you can get it at a discounted price, but you’ll have to keep a check on when the discounts are available. 

Furthermore, it offers two options in the pricing plan. One is for six months, while the other is a two-year plan. The six-month plan costs 38.94 dollars, and the two-year plan costs 59.76 dollars. Make sure to choose the best plan according to your preference and enjoy its features to the best of your interest.

The best part about this is that it can be bought with several methods like credit cards, AmazonPay, and even cryptocurrencies, among many more! And if you pay with cryptocurrencies, you get to choose the option of semi-anonymous payment through crypto. 


  • The split tunneling option lets the user know which website or app uses the same VPN because some sites or platforms block certain VPNs to be used, so in that case, the user can think of an alternative.
  • Muti-hop is another feature that is a great investment for the user because it frequently bounces back their traffic from one server to another to ensure the greatest security.
  • SurShark Alert notifies the user if the user’s account is compromised in any form to help the user get to know this as soon as possible to take the required action needed to ensure the account’s security.  
  • It can be used on multiple platforms like Android, macOS, iOS, Microsoft, etc. It is a great fact that it is used as the default VPN for macOS with a user-friendly interface, helping the user easily use the platform. 


  • Serves as an ad blocker.
  • Unlimited connections that can be used simultaneously.
  • Critically designed app with user-friendly interface.
  • Offers geographically diverse servers.
  • Subscription includes static servers to be used as well.
  • Split tunneling option for further knowledge about the site. 


  • No free version is available. 
  • A bit pricey as compared to its competitors. 


All in all, SurfShark is one of the famous VPNs; it is a market that is trusted by a huge number of individuals, and especially the fact that it is used as the default VPN for macOS is saying something. It should be focused on that even though it is a bit pricey, but it offers almost non-existent in other VPNs, which is one of the reasons why people trust and opt for SurfShark. 

Providing a wide range of features, especially those unique in their aspects, makes it unique among its competitors. So, make sure to go through the whole article to avoid missing an essential point and get full knowledge about this VPN. It might just turn out to be a great investment for you as it is for many others as well.

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