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Spider VPN Review

December 30, 2021 odmin 0 Comments

Spider VPN is an incredible tool that offers super-secure internet browsing functionality. It offers military-level encryption to secure your data and strictly follows the no-logs policy.

Using this software, you can build an extremely secure encrypted connection over the current internet infrastructure to browse and stream safely and freely. 

In this detailed review, we will cover different features of Spider VPN, its upsides and downsides, and much more. Before your final move, read this review carefully…

Spider VPN Speed

Speed is one of the most important factors when talking about VPN services. Spider VPN offers an incredibly fast internet connection to its users. If you configure it properly, you can easily achieve 20 Mbps speed or even more from its all servers. However, its connection speed also depends on your internet speed. If you have a good internet connection, the tool will perform in a better way.

In our speed tests, we didn’t notice any loss in upload and download speed. Therefore, if you want speed in any VPN, Spider VPN can be the finest option for you. 

Privacy and Encryption

People buy a VPN for two purposes i.e. privacy and accessing restricted data based on geographical locations. However, their main priority is to protect their privacy. Spider VPN truly protects your privacy.

Instead of using a lengthy list of industry-standard protocols, it uses WireGuard protocol. For encryption, it uses military-level 256-bit end-to-end encryption to protect your data.

Further, this tool supports P2P connections and employs all security measures to protect you while using torrents. Its privacy policy states that the tool doesn’t collect any log information of the users. The log information includes browsing history, data content, traffic destination, and DNS queries, etc.

In addition to this, their privacy policy says that they don’t have any sensitive data about their customers. Above all, even if government compels them to release user information, they won’t because they don’t have anything to release.

User Experience

The layout of the app is very simple and easy to use. However, the configuration process of the VPN is a bit tricky and time-consuming for newbies. However, if you’re a bit tech-savvy you can easily set it up and manually add all the servers.

If you want to change the server, you will have to download the specific configuration file for the particular server location. Once the configuration is completed, you can connect to the new server. Although this process is not that difficult, it will be a little bit time-consuming. You don’t need to repeat this process again and again for the same server. Once you configure a particular server, you can switch to it anytime by clicking on it.

Does it sound intimidating? Yes, you may find it a bit difficult as a new user. However, it won’t be difficult if you follow a simple setup guide.

Spider VPN Customer Support

Customer support of Spider VPN isn’t readily available as they claim. You may have to wait for several hours for their response if you are stuck in any problem.

However, the support members are very polite and friendly. They will listen to your query and guide you thoroughly in order to resolve your query. 

Pros and Cons of Spider VPN

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of Spider VPN:


  • It’s compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.
  • You can protect your 5 devices using one Spider VPN account.
  • The VPN comes with military-level 256-bit encryption.
  • Its free version is also available for 10 days with unlimited data access.
  • You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • The VPN is available at an affordable price.


  • Setting up a new server connection in Spider VPN is a little bit time-consuming.
  • You need to be a bit tech-savvy to edit its configuration files to customize the connection.
  • Customer support is not readily available.

Spider VPN Pricing Plan

Spider VPN is basically a combination of software and hardware. It comes with a pre-configured router that helps you to protect your all devices in one go. However, it’s totally up to you whether you buy only software or both software and hardware combined. That’s why you will find both types of offers in their pricing plan.

If you buy only software, you will have to pay $8.97 monthly. You can get a 70% discount by purchasing its 3-year plan. In this case, you will have to pay only $96.12 in 3 years. This plan gives you full control of its features like unlimited bandwidth, high speed, and 24/7 customer support.

The next plan includes All VPN services and Lite Router as well. The monthly charges of this plan will be $3.98. However, its 3-year plan will only cost $139.3, saving up to 62% amount. In this plan, you will get a lite VPN router having 4 Ethernet ports each with 100 Mbps speed.

The Pro Router & Spider VPN plan adds a one-time payment of $174.24 for 3 years, costing only $4.84 per month. This plan includes a Pro VPN router with a built-in VPN. And, the router will contain 4 Ethernet ports each with 1 Gbps speed.

*Remember: For foolproof security, Spider VPN routers are secured by Open Source Secure Firmware. 

Wrapping Up

Security, connection stability, super-fast speed, and ease of use are some of the main characteristics of any VPN. We found all of these things in this incredible tool.

However, customer support is not up to the mark. If you face any issue using this tool, you will most probably receive their response several hours later. Many users face problems when setting up a new server. They also complain about the late response of Spider VPN’s team. These are the only downsides we found in Spider VPN.

Again, the tool offers the fastest and most reliable servers. Plus, you can unblock all major streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, etc. Above all, the tool is available at the lowest price as compared to its competitors. By comparing its pros and cons, we recommend you to go with it.

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