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Before you read all you must know about IPVanish VPN, take a minute to answer the following questions:

Do you know that a VPN connection protects sent and received data from being read and disguises your location?

Do you know a VPN can help you surf undetected and, for example, bypass geo-blocking by giving you a different location?

Each day, our world keeps getting technologically advanced. The security threats and loopholes that come with this advancement make it essential for everyone to take online security very essential. Therefore, using a Trusted VPN is an all-important major measure towards escaping these potential threats and safeguarding your data from intruders and spies while surfing the web.

We have taken our time to test the IPVanish,  and have written all you need to know about the VPN below.

What is an IPVanish VPN?

The IPVanish virtual private network is a provider of secure connections that allow the user to send and receive data using their public network. Ipvanish protects you from exposure to many data protection and security risks when you connect to the Internet with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Using IPVanish VPN ensures your security and privacy as soon as you move online.

By connecting via the ipvanish VPN, your data packets made available online are first encrypted before the public network even sees them. The encrypted data is transmitted to the IPVanish VPN server, which then forwards this data to the end target. Ipvanish ensures your anonymity as your IP address is hidden and the transmission carries the address of the server provided by ipvanish. In a nutshell, IPVanish displays a location different from your actual location.

How does IPVanish VPN Work?

Below, we have summarized how IPVanish works:

IPVanish Encryption Process

IPVanish VPN offers one of the finest security functions. The service works with diverse VPN protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2. There is another provision for mobile phone producers. That is the modern WireGuard, which is set as standard under Windows. IPVanish VPN combines with AES-256, which is unbreakable. In addition, there is a relatively small amount of code, which makes it both resource-efficient and easier to maintain than old VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN and IKEv2.

IPVanish VPN is significantly faster and users can easily switch between protocols in the client.

Besides the ones already mentioned, L2TP, SSTP, and PPTP are also available.

IPVanish VPN incorporates split tunneling. This means that the rerouting of certain data past the VPN tunnel is only possible in the Android version.

There, you can use a list to determine which apps are allowed to broadcast unhindered over the Internet. This provision is helpful, for example, in a fast-paced online game, where a low ping, which is in this case the response time of the server, can make the difference between winning and losing.

IPVanish VPN does not support multi-hop connections, connections via several VPN servers. In that, a user should not make use of VPN obfuscation. This is a method to mask the VPN data traffic so that it goes undetected in the data stream of the Internet.

IPVanish has a kill switch also integrated. In the event of an unexpected disconnection in the VPN connection, this ensures that no unprotected data leaks to the Internet. The kill switch is deactivated by default after installation, but can easily be switched on by the user. The WLAN on IPVanish is automatic and starts automatically as soon as the user connects to a public or unprotected WLAN, for example, in cafes or other public places.

IPVanish VPN Pricing Packages 

Are you looking for an IPVanish VPN-free version? There is none. There is only a 30-day money-back guarantee for its annual plans.

There are two basic categories of IPVanish VPN subscriptions:

The two categories offer the same features. The only difference is in the cost.

The first category is the monthly payment, which is charged at $10.99, while the yearly plan is charged at $3.20 per month for the first year.

The price level is in the upper field, with sophisticated software, and technically reliable service being offered. The selection of VPN locations and the servers offered in various countries is also considerably okay. Even though other VPN services are much cheaper and have a lot to offer. The IPVanish VPN offer of an unlimited number of devices allowed to use the VPN with one user account is next to none. Thus, the IPVanish service can also be shared within the family, amongst friends, or in a work setting. Any desired device can establish a VPN connection – the speed and the amount of data are unrestricted.

Pros and Cons of IPVanish VPN

The Pros of IPVanish VPN

  • Stable security
  • Fast server connections and excellent speed. Good for streaming, for renting;
  • An array of countries to select from, and servers in over 75 regions;
  • Accessible on an unlimited number of devices;
  • IPVanish is easy to install and simple to use;
  • Proxy services accessible for quick downloads;
  • Easy deployment and handling are also suitable for other streaming devices!

The Cons of IPVanish VPN

  • No audits and safety reports
  • Not suitable for streaming
  • No anonymous payment option
  • Questionable past

Our Verdict

IPVanish works excellently on different platforms. The IPVanish has software for Windows, macOS, Fire TV, and Chrome OS. There are also apps for Android, iOS devices. The IPVanish provider gives custom setup instructions for installing IPVanish VPN on special routers and Linux.

With IPVanish, you enjoy:

  • outstanding security across all platforms – enabled by the current cryptography and an open-source protocol;
  • Debugging ease because of the shorter code base of WireGuard;
  • reliable connections even in cases of poor network quality;
  • faster connection speeds than all other VPN protocols (WireGuard is three times faster than IKEv2 and ten times faster than OpenVPN);
  • better battery life due to lower consumption of memory and CPU resources;
  • many VPN protocols are available for all users. 

We, therefore, consider ipvanish VPN suitable for you. But before we let you go, take this general rule; when choosing a VPN provider, make sure that they do not save any connection logs. And guess what? IPVanish does not do this! IPVanish is easy to use and does not require any technical skills.We give it a nod if you want the IPVanish VPN now.

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