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Avast VPN Review

December 30, 2021 odmin 0 Comments

We all are familiar with the fact that the internet is a vulnerable place. It is highly subjected to threats and malicious attacks. If you want to secure your computer from these spyware and hacker attacks then VPN is the answer that you need. It can help you mask your identity and allow you to access your favorite web content while protecting your privacy. There are a lot of VPNs in the market and all of them differ in different ways. Here we will discuss some facts about Avast VPN and what makes it stand in the world of technology.  


Avast VPN gives you the freedom of accessing any type of content without keeping a log of your activities. Encrypting all outgoing and incoming data, it helps you to stay protected from online snoops. It makes use of 256-bit AES encryption which is commonly used by governments and other corporations. It is military-grade encryption and unfeasible to crack. This type of encryption uses a mixture of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. Data is encrypted in big blocks of 128 bit with a 256-bit key. Each key goes through multiple rounds of encryption and decryption to provide high-end-to-end security. Hence, it encrypts the data to provide bank-grade security which can be considered brute-force proof. 


Along with military-grade encryption, it offers these protocols IKEv2, IPsec, and OpenVPN on UDP. OpenVPN is highly preferred for being open source and for potential vulnerabilities. IKEv2 is also a secure and modern protocol being widely used. OpenVPN is commonly used for Windows and Android apps while IKEv2 is used for mac and iOS apps. However, all of these options are available on all platforms.  


This advanced VPN has 70 servers worldwide. More servers in general mean better performance. It has a huge network of servers that spread across 35 countries in 34 locations. Most of the servers are located in Europe and also in some parts of Asia. Those continents, such as South America and Africa that are not commonly targeted by VPN companies are also the part of huge Avast network. It also offers a variety of languages. Thus, giving its users the liberty of using it from anywhere in the world.  

Kill switch 

This highly advanced feature takes security to the next level by keeping you private if the connection gets lost. It is a highly critical feature as when the VPN detects any incoming termination issue, it kills your current session. In this way, it helps to keep your data private if anything happens to bring VPN’s server down. 

Other features  

Avast provides numerous other features that make it stand among other VPNs. Split tunneling is one of the features designed to give its users the ease of choosing which applications to pass through a VPN. You can select your favorite TV shows or programs that are blocked on networks using the VPN. This handy feature allows you to turn on and off VPN whenever required. Its another feature of IP shuffle keeps changing your IP address while giving hard time to hackers. It reshuffles the addresses between ten minutes to 12 hours depending upon what you choose. A dedicated IP address makes it easier to be tracked by cybercriminals whereas this feature never lets you have one. After reshuffling another IP address is assigned so no one can access your private data. With Avast, you can also get a virtual IP address that is shared among hundreds of users to keep your identity private. With this feature, hackers cannot access your data as the shared IP address cannot be connected with a specific user. Moreover, it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. The speed offered is also good and with numerous servers, the performance is also very effective. 


Avast VPN offers a 7-day free trial to test its features and claims. It offers a variety of pricing schemes while targeting all types of consumers. For the first year, prices have been reduced to almost half of the original. For only $31.99 a year, you can secure up to 10 devices on any platform which is quite higher than the industry standard for VPN i.e 5 devices. For a two-year subscription, it is available for $59.99 and $143.64 for a three-year subscription. You can choose the package that best suits you. For all of these plans, 30-day money-back is guaranteed.  


  • 256-bit AES encryption 
  • DNS leak protection 
  • Lightning-fast browsing 
  • Kill switch 
  • No logs 
  • IP shuffling 
  • Works on all platforms (Windows, android, mac, iOS) 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Easy to use 
  • Transparent privacy policies 


  • No additional privacy tools 
  • No monthly pricing plan 
  • Poor privacy practices 
  • Lesser number of servers 

 Avast VPN is one of the best solutions for anti-virus and hacker attacks. Its bank-grade encryption keeps your data protected and never fails to ensure data security. It also provides the feature of good speed with a user-friendly and simple interface. However, it has some of its shortcomings when compared with other VPNs. It does not have a large number of servers. Most of the VPNs offer more than 500 servers around the world whereas it only offers 70 servers. One of its major setbacks is its pricing plan. Although it offers reasonable rates when compared with others it does not offer any monthly plan. Its shortest plan starts from a year. It should also work on improving its privacy practices by retaining lesser user data as it stores the private user data due to some policies. There are also no additional privacy tools offered.

However, due to its good speed, amazing features such as split tunneling, torrenting, kill switch, high-grade encryption, and many others, it is worth a shot. It also offers 24/7 phone support to address your queries and issues. There is a free trial for a week or you can choose any pricing plan with a 30-day money back guarantee. It has all the features an ideal VPN can have, then what is stopping you from buying it. Hurry up before the holiday sale ends.

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